I just want to be happy – this is what I keep telling myself over and over again.

We all want to be happy. We all want to find lasting happiness and fill our whole lives with it. 

And yet sometimes, life takes us on unexpected bumps and turns and we go through difficult seasons that seem to test every ounce of strength in us. 

Like what happened this year. This year has been too overbearing. There were just so many losses, pain, worries, and tragedies. 

I made so many goals and plans for this year and all of them were for nothing. Our finances depleted — it was like I was waking up to a new problem and disappointment every day. I was going through tough times.

I was so mentally and emotionally exhausted and I was constantly pretending to be happy.

After spending months paralyzed by worries and problems, I realized that regardless of what we are going through, regardless of how difficult things are right now, this should not stop us from living our lives and from being happy. 

We can’t just spend our lives paralyzed by worries. We have to let go of negativity and choose to be happy. 

Regardless of how hard life may seem, we can still be happy. 

If you too are feeling down, overwhelmed, and stressed out, I challenge you to take this practice — the 30-Day Challenge to drastically increase your happiness.

This challenge will help you develop good habits by taking small and little steps every day. 

These habits will not only help reframe your mindset but will also help you break bad habits and develop new ones that will not only kick-start your productivity but will also help you live the life that you deserve. 

Remember that taking small and easy steps can definitely help change your life and help you find lasting happiness.

The point of this 30-Day Happiness Challenge is to help you be consistent with your efforts. And also, doing only one task a day will prevent you from feeling too overwhelmed with the changes. 

So, let’s start! 

The 30-Day Happiness Challenge

MEDITATE FOR 15-20 MINS – I was not a big believer in meditation before but after finally deciding to try it, it changed my life. It allowed me to be in control of my thoughts and to not let my worries take over. There are plenty of guided meditations available online or you can also do silent meditation. 

Start your day with self-love affirmations — I am enough. I am worthy of love, happiness, and forgiveness. I am capable of making a positive difference. 

Eat mindfully — When eating, turn off all distractions (yes, that means your phone) slowdown, and just be present. 

Organize one room in your house — when your space is clean and tidy, you’re less likely to be distracted. 

Breathe mindfully — You can do this while sitting or standing, all you have to do is to focus your attention on every inhale and exhale. Try doing this for at least 10 mins. 

Give someone a genuine compliment. 

Before going to bed, list 5 things that you’re grateful for today. 

Practice self-care — do one thing that relaxes you. It could be taking a long bath or face mask — anything that’ll make you happy and at ease. 

Watch an uplifting/funny movie. 

Watch the sunset. 

Do something kind for a stranger. 

Exercise — you don’t have to go to the gym. A simple walk outside will do. 

Cook something for yourself. 

Compliment yourself — list 5 things that you love about yourself. 

Read a book — though you may not able to finish a whole book in one day, you can start reading one or simply continue the book that you’re already halfway through. 

Learn something new — you’ll be surprised just how fulfilling this feel. 

Do something for yourself without feeling any guilt. 

Take a break — don’t be afraid to take a break and just do nothing. 

Do something new or finally do that thing that you’ve been putting off for a while now. 

Be proud of yourself and celebrate every win — list 5 things that you have done that made you proud. 

Take a break from social media. 

Spend time with someone that you love. 

Buy yourself flowers. 

Go outside and take a trip — it doesn’t have to be somewhere far. It could be in a park or a coffee shop, the point is just to go outside. 

Treat yourself — it doesn’t have to be extravagant. Anything that’ll make you happy. 

Eat healthily and drink 8 glasses of water. 

Go outside and sit mindfully — no checking of your phone. Just sit there, appreciate the things you see and the things you hear. 

Wake up early and watch the sunrise. 

Write about your day — try to write down the good things that happened to you, things that you’re grateful for, and everything that made you smile. 

Slow down and just take a deep breath — yes, sometimes life can be too overwhelming, but by deciding to get up every day, you’re already doing your best. So, chin up, you got this. 

Congratulations on completing this challenge! I hope this helped you as much as it helped me.