A collection of silence quotes to inspire you to listen more and speak less.

Silence can be very powerful and eye-opening. It’s is during those moments, when you allow yourself to be silent and to be aware of everything around you that you open yourself to self-reflection and self-awareness.

Most of us find sitting down in silence daunting. I do too.

Every time I find myself in moments of silence, I would always usually pick up my phone to distract myself.

But I didn’t realize that moments of silence can be pure bliss and a breathe of fresh air for our minds and souls.

In this day of age, our lives are flooded with so much noise every single day that we fail to realize that by making time for silent moments, we are allowing ourselves to reflect and figure out our lives.

We are giving ourselves time to check in with what we are feeling and with everything that we would want to change and improve in our lives.

These inspirational quotes about silence below will inspire you to take the time to pause, sit down and just listen.

Here are 60+ Silence Quotes

We went down into the silent garden. Dawn is the time when nothing breathes, the hour of silence. Everything is transfixed, only the light moves.

— Leonora Carrington

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All men’s miseries derive from not being able to sit in a quiet room alone.

— Blaise Pascal

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing

and right doing there is a field.

I’ll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass

the world is too full to talk about.

— Rumi

A fool is known by his speech; and a wise man by silence.

— Pythagoras

Silence is a source of Great Strength.

— Lao Tzu

How much better is silence; the coffee cup, the table. How much better to sit by myself like the solitary sea-bird that opens its wings on the stake. Let me sit here for ever with bare things, this coffee cup, this knife, this fork, things in themselves, myself being myself.

— Virginia Woolf

Silence is the sleep that nourishes wisdom.

— Francis Bacon

We sit silently and watch the world around us. This has taken a lifetime to learn. It seems only the old are able to sit next to one another and not say anything and still feel content. The young, brash and impatient, must always break the silence. It is a waste, for silence is pure. Silence is holy. It draws people together because only those who are comfortable with each other can sit without speaking. This is the great paradox.

— Nicholas Sparks

You talk when you cease to be at peace with your thoughts;

And when you can no longer dwell in the solitude of your heart you live in your lips, and sound is a diversion and a pastime.

And in much of your talking, thinking is half murdered.

— Khalil Gibran

The true genius shudders at incompleteness — imperfection — and usually prefers silence to saying the something which is not everything that should be said.

— Edgar Allan Poe

He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words.

— Elbert Hubbard

Silent solitude makes true speech possible and personal. If I am not in touch with my own belovedness, then I cannot touch the sacredness of others. If I am estranged from myself, I am likewise a stranger to others.

— Brennan Manning

Speech is silver, silence is golden.

— Thomas Carlyle

God is whispering in your heart, in the whole existence, just tune your ears.

— Amit Ray

It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart. — Mahatma Gandhi

When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.

— Ansel Adams

In human intercourse the tragedy begins, not when there is misunderstanding about words, but when silence is not understood.

— Henry David Thoreau

Saying nothing sometimes says the most.

— Emily Dickinson

Never miss a good chance to shut up.

— Will Rogers

Listen closely… the eternal hush of silence goes on and on throughout all this, and has been going on, and will go on and on. This is because the world is nothing but a dream and is just thought of and the everlasting eternity pays no attention to it.

— Jack Kerouac

Quiet people always know more than they seem. Although very normal, their inner world is by default fronted mysterious and therefore assumed weird. Never underestimate the social awareness and sense of reality in a quiet person; they are some of the most observant, absorbent persons of all.

— Criss Jami

Listen to silence. It has so much to say.

— Rumi

We refuse to turn off our computers, turn off our phone, log off Facebook, and just sit in silence, because in those moments we might actually have to face up to who we really are.

— Jefferson Bethke

Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence.

— Leonardo da Vinci

The monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind.

— Albert Einstein

The good and the wise lead quiet lives.

— Euripides


Thought-Provoking Silence Quotes

To listen to the silence, wherever you are, is an easy and direct way of becoming present.

— Eckhart Tolle

Sometimes it’s best to stay quiet. The silence can speak volumes without ever saying a word.

— Unknown

Silence is of different kinds, and breathes different meanings.

— Charlotte Brontë

Silence is sometimes the best answer.

— Dalai Lama

I have often regretted my speech, never my silence.

— Xenocrates

In order to see birds it is necessary to become a part of the silence.

— Robert Lynd

Even if your silence could mean being weak to some, you know it means being strong.

— Maxime Lagacé

The most basic and powerful way to connect to another person is to listen. Just listen. Perhaps the most important thing we ever give each other is our attention… A loving silence often has far more power to heal and to connect than the most well-intentioned words.

— Rachel Naomi Remen

But there is greater comfort in the substance of silence than in the answer to a question.

— Thomas Merton

The most significant conversations of our lives occur in silence.

— Simon Van Booy

Silence is true wisdom’s best reply.

— Euripides

Silence quotes and quotes about being silent

Silence is the safest course for any man to adopt who distrust himself.

— Francois de La Rochefoucauld

Silence is one of the great arts of conversation.

— Marcus Tullius Cicero

Inner silence is the mother of all talents.

— Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Speech is great, but silence is greater.

— Thomas Carlyle

When a question has no correct answer, there is only one honest response.

The gray area between yes and no.


— Dan Brown

I think 99 times and find nothing. I stop thinking, swim in silence, and the truth comes to me.

— Albert Einstein

Work hard in silence, let your success make the noise.

— Frank Ocean

Time and silence are the most luxurious things today.

— Tom Ford

Wise men, when in doubt whether to speak or to keep quiet, give themselves the benefit of the doubt, and remain silent. — Napoleon Hill

The deepest feeling always shows itself in silence.

— Marianne Moore

The silence often of pure innocence persuades when speaking fails.

— William Shakespeare

Open your mouth only if what you are going to say is more beautiful than the silence.

— Spanish Proverb

In the silence behind what can be heard lies the answers we have been searching for for so long.

— Andreas Fransson

Silence is a true friend who never betrays.

— Confucius


In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.

— Martin Luther King Jr

Silence is the ultimate weapon of power.

— Charles de Gaulle

Silence is one of the hardest arguments to refute.

— Josh Billings

Green was the silence, wet was the light,

the month of June trembled like a butterfly.

— Pablo Neruda

Silence is refreshment for the soul.

— Wynonna Judd

Silence is only frightening to people who are compulsively verbalizing.

— William S. Burroughs

Deep vengeance is the daughter of deep silence.

— Vittorio Alfieri

In Silence there is eloquence. Stop weaving and see how the pattern improves.


I have packed myself into silence so deeply and for so long that I can never unpack myself using words. When I speak, I only pack myself a little differently.

— Herta Müller

Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself, and know that everything in life has purpose. There are no mistakes, no coincidences, all events are blessings given to us to learn from.

— Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Quiet is peace. Tranquility. Quiet is turning down the volume knob on life. Silence is pushing the off button. Shutting it down. All of it. – Amir

— Khaled Hosseini

I drank the silence of God from a spring in the woods.

— Georg Trakl

If you can sit in silence with a person for half an hour and yet be entirely comfortable, you and that person can be friends. If you cannot, friends you’ll never be and you need not waste time in trying.

— L.M. Montgomery

If there were a little more silence, if we all kept quiet…maybe we could understand something.

— Federico Fellini

True silence is the rest of the mind, and is to the spirit what sleep is to the body, nourishment and refreshment.

— William Penn

I have never heard a more eloquent silence.

— Laurie Halse Anderson

More inspiring silence quotes and sayings

A man is known by the silence he keeps.

— Oliver Herford

All I want is blackness. Blackness and silence.

— Sylvia Plath

We sit and talk,

quietly, with long lapses of silence

and I am aware of the stream

that has no language, coursing

beneath the quiet heaven of

your eyes

which has no speech

— William Carlos Williams,

I like the muted sounds, the shroud of grey, and the silence that comes with fog.

— Om Malik

Within us is the soul of the whole, the wise silence, the universal beauty, the eternal One.

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

The best cure for the body is a quiet mind

— Napoleon Bonaparte

You are most powerful when you are most silent. People never expect silence. They expect words, motion, defense, offense, back and forth. They expect to leap into the fray. They are ready, fists up, words hanging leaping from their mouths. Silence? No.

— Alison McGhee

Music is the silence between the notes.

— Claude Debussy

Be silent or let thy words be worth more than silence.

— Pythagoras

Sometimes you don’t have to say anything. Silence speaks it all.

Disha Patani

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