Do you constantly find yourself tossing and turning every night and unable to fall asleep? These sleep affirmations will help calm your mind and help you get the good night’s sleep that you deserve. 

Getting a good night’s sleep has always been difficult for me. When I was working in a very stressful environment, my insomnia became worse. 

Three years ago, I was at my lowest, I going through tough times that I would constantly find myself awake almost every night.

Sleeping can definitely be difficult. You’ll just never know if tonight is the night you’ll finally get that good night’s sleep that you long for or you’ll still end up awake throughout the night. 

And you know what’s worst? It’s when you already feel so exhausted and you’re trying so hard to fall asleep, but you’re so anxious about the time ticking – thinking that you no longer have enough time that eventually you just end up awake throughout the night. 

And sometimes, when you’re finally able to fall asleep only to be awakened by your alarm an hour later – I get so frustrated every time that happens. 

I knew that I couldn’t keep letting this happen to me. Because sleep is very important to our mental health. 

I find that the less sleep I get, the more irritated and stressed I become. 

I found that one of the things that can help us fall asleep deeply is by using positive sleep affirmations to keep our mind calm and grounded. 

I’ve decided to put together a collection of sleep affirmations that I find very helpful in keeping my mind calm and my negative thoughts at bay. 

But before we get to that, I gathered a couple of tips on how to use these affirmations effectively. 

How to use sleep affirmations effectively

  1. You have to be open to them – yes, I know sometimes it’s hard to be consistent with affirmations because we often don’t believe in them. When I first started, I tell you, I didn’t believe in them right off the bat. But I continued to do it and I realized that you may not believe in them right away, but as long as you’re open to that emotion and you allow yourself to welcome that affirmation with an open mind and heart, you will eventually come to believe and trust them. 
  2. Repeat them daily – the thing with affirmations is, it won’t work if you’ll only do it a couple of days. You have to be consistent. 
  3. When you do it, find a comfortable position, I usually do this while I’m lying down, close your eyes and visualize what you’re saying.
  4. Take deep breathes, before reciting affirmations, I find it very helpful to do a short breathing exercise first. I do a couple of deep inhales and strong exhale to calm my mind and release tension from my body. 

Here are 55 positive sleep affirmations to help you get a good night’s sleep

  • I let go of everything that has happened today

  • I am safe right now.

  • My mind is calm. 

  • I let go of my worries.

  • I have the power to choose a thought that feels better.

  • I am calm and grounded. 

  • I make peace with time.

  • I am opening myself to sleep. 

  • I let go of any tension. 

  • I let sleep come to me. 

Affirmations for sleep

  • Tonight, I will sleep soundly. 

  • My bedroom is a place of relaxation. 

  • I am calm now that my day is done. 

  • I am releasing any tension from my body as I prepare for sleep to come. 

  • My mind is peaceful and calm. 

  • I have the power to make tomorrow a great day.

  • I let go of control as I wait for sleep to come. 

  • I release any anxious thoughts. 

  • With every breath, I feel calmness and peacefulness wash over me. 

  • I am grateful for having the chance to rest and recharge. 

  • I have the power to choose calm and peace. 

  • I let go of my responsibilities for the day. 

  • My to-do list can wait until tomorrow. 

  • I choose to be present. 

  • I breathe in peace and exhale stress. 

  • I did enough today. 

  • I choose to give myself permission to breathe and to do nothing. 

  • I choose to forgive myself for the mistakes I made today. 

Positive sleep affirmations to calm your mind

  • I release the stress of the day. 

  • I welcome sleep. 

  • I am safe in my room. 

  • I inhale positive thoughts and exhale negative thoughts.

  • I will sleep deeply throughout the night.

  • I did my best today, now I can sleep. 

  • I choose to hold on only to the positive feelings of the day. 

  • I am grateful for today. 

  • I am allowed to fall asleep. 

  • All is well, I can sleep now. 

  • My mind is peaceful and ready for sleep to come.

  • My eyes are feeling heavy and my muscles are feeling relaxed. 

Affirmations for sleep

  • I wake up in the morning feeling recharged and refreshed. 

  • May my sleep be peaceful and deep. 

  • I have the power to clear my head of racing and anxious thoughts. 

  • Sleep and rest are essential to mental health. 

  • I am in control of my thoughts, nothing will disrupt my peace.

  • I choose to let go of any negative feeling today and anything that didn’t go well. 

  • Tonight, I rest, Anything else can wait tomorrow. 

  • I deserve to feel good at the end of the day, I deserve to rest. 

  • I have the power to release anger, worries, and stress. 

  • I let myself sink deeply into my bed.

Affirmations for sleep

  • My bed is a safe and peaceful place. 

  • I am in control of my sleeping patterns.

  • I am grounded, I will not be swept away by negative thoughts. 

  • Sleep is calling me.

Tips on how to get a good night’s sleep

  1. Meditate – Meditation has done wonders for my sleep pattern. Other people love to meditate first thing in the morning, as for me, I love doing it before I go to sleep. It helps me unwind. It calms my body down and helps me release the stress of the day. 
  2. Try to set up a consistent sleep and wake-up schedule – To be honest, when I first tried to do this, I thought that it wouldn’t work but I was definitely wrong. Doing this will allow our body and mind to recognize when it’s time to sleep. 
  3. Disconnect from your devices at least 30 minutes to an hour before bedtime. 
  4. Try not to take long naps – I’m guilty of taking long naps especially on the weekends. But every time I do this, I find it so difficult to sleep at night that often I find myself awake throughout the night and it just basically disrupts my sleeping pattern. 
  5. Consider drinking sleep-inducing teas.

I’ve learned that we should never take sleep for granted. We may not often realize it, but having a good night’s sleep is vital to our mental health and happiness. 

I hope you find these sleep affirmations helpful in improving your sleep! 

What was your favorite affirmation? Don’t forget to let me know! If you’ve enjoyed these affirmations for sleep, be sure to check out these daily self-love affirmations and start loving yourself more.





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