Have you been feeling stressed and overwhelmed lately? When was the last time you did a mental health check-in? 

Often, when we get too caught up with everything that has been happening in our lives, we easily tend to forget our needs and ignore the state of our mental health. 

I get it. I’ve been in that place before. I used to focus all my attention on work. Going on about my day on autopilot without realizing that slowly my mental health was deteriorating. 

Please know that your mental health is a priority. Your mental health is vital to your overall well-being and happiness — that’s why from time to time we need to take a break and just ask ourselves how we are doing. 

And just let ourselves listen to our emotions and feelings. 

I find that one of the best ways to connect with myself and check-in with my mental state is through journaling. 

Journaling can be very therapeutic. It allows us a chance to pour out all our thoughts, worries, and anything that’s bothering us. 

It also lets us discover things about ourselves and allows us to connect with ourselves on a much deeper level. 

I have gathered some of my favorite journal prompts to help you check-in with your mental state and practice self-care. 

I hope you find them helpful! 

20 Journal prompts for mental health

How do you feel right now? 

What are the things that are bothering you right now? How long has this been bothering you? List at least 5.

Think about the last time you felt anxious, what were the things that you did that helped calm your anxiety? 

What affirmations help you get through difficult days?

List 5 things that you like about yourself. 

What are you grateful for today? List 5.

What excites you? 

What are you looking forward to this week? 

Write 3 things that you did today that made you happy. 

Describe a difficult situation you’ve encountered this week. What did you do to cope with it and what did you learn from it? 

When do you feel most relaxed and at peace? 

Name 5 things that you love to do every time you’ve had a bad day. 

What has your anxiety taught you? 

What does happiness mean to you? 

What does peace of mind mean to you? 

What or who do you find most comforting?

What has your depression taught you? 

What are the things that trigger your anxiety? What steps can you take to minimize or avoid these? 

What is your favorite form of self-care?

What advice would you give your younger and future self? 

Happy Journaling!