Have you been struggling with negative thoughts and feelings lately? 

Two years ago, I was at my lowest. Every day, I would tell myself that if only things will start looking up for me then I would finally be happy. 

Every day, I was stuck and paralyzed by so much negativity that I would constantly think that everything in my life will only go from bad to worse. 

And let me tell you, constantly dwelling on negative emotions and thoughts was exhausting. It was taking so much toll on my mental health and it was constantly robbing me of the chance to enjoy the good things that are still happening to me. 

Also, I realized that by allowing myself to dwell on so much negativity, I was paralyzing myself and I was keeping myself stuck.

Instead of doing something to improve my life, I was allowing myself to be paralyzed by the problems and the worries that I end up not accomplishing anything. 

We must remind ourselves that regardless of what we are facing, we still have the ability to choose happiness and positivity. 

Yes, it may not always be easy but it is possible. And the best way to start it is by building good habits that’ll help us remain positive even in difficult seasons. 

Scroll down below to see 15 HABITS OF POSITIVE PEOPLE…

They are kind to themselves – they don’t talk negatively to themselves. They don’t criticize themselves for every little mistake. Remember that constantly feeding your mind negative things will not help you achieve your goals. 

They are grateful – they know how important it is to focus on the good things that they have in their lives instead of focusing on the things they lack. 

They practice self-care – they know how important it is to take care of themselves and their needs. They are not afraid to take some time off for themselves and just check-in with how their feeling. 

They are not afraid of failing and making mistakes – instead of dragging themselves into negative thoughts and feelings every time they fail or make a mistake, they recognize and accept their shortcomings, learn from them and try again. 

They take action – when a certain situation is making them unhappy or constantly stressed out, they don’t wait for change to happen. They don’t just wait and expect that their lives will improve, they take action. 

They know how to let go – they know how important it is to live the past in the past. They understand that dwelling on negative events that already happened will not do them any good. 

They are present – they don’t allow themselves to dwell in the past or even worry about the future. They live in the present moment. 

They appreciate even the little things. 

They are kind to others and they know how to celebrate other people’s wins. 

They know how to say no – they don’t force themselves to commit to things that will only take a toll on their mental health and will only drain their energy. 

They make their mental health a priority. 

They forgive – they understand that forgiveness is not about minimizing the pain that they have felt or the wrongness that they have done, it simply means that we are allowing ourselves to move forward and set ourselves free from the pain of the past. 

They know how to celebrate their victories (even the small ones) 

They get rid of the negativity – they understand that they cannot live a happy and positive life if they surround themselves with negativity and toxic relationships. 

They accept themselves completely.

I know that often life can be too overwhelming and difficult and regardless of how much we hate it, it is so easy to let ourselves dwell on negativity and think that our lives will never improve. 

But of course, that’s a lie. Regardless of how difficult times may be, it will get better. We don’t have to trap ourselves in negativity, we can still be happy and we can still choose happiness and positivity.