I used to work in a very toxic environment and because of this, I was constantly stressed. 

And I mean all the time. Even on my days off, I would constantly worry about going back to work and fixate on things that could go wrong, making it so much harder for me to even enjoy my day off. 

And let me tell you, living a life like that was so exhausting. It was mentally draining and emotionally debilitating. 

I was always on edge. I was always over-analyzing everything, constantly stressing out over things that may or may not even happen. 

And it just took so much toll on my mental health, causing me to live my life always unhappy and exhausted. 

When we let stress take over our lives, we’re only keeping ourselves unhappy and robbing ourselves of the chance to enjoy the good things that are currently happening to us. 

Yet often, regardless of how much we hate stressing ourselves out, we still can’t help it. 

But then, we meet someone who always seems so calm and at peace regardless of what life hands them that we end up wondering how do they do that. 

I realized that people who are like these, all share the same habits that help them remain calm regardless of what they are going through. 

Scroll down below to see 10 Habits of people who are never stressed. 

They don’t over-analyze – when you fixate on every situation, constantly picking everything apart, looking for something wrong, you’re not doing yourself any good. You are only causing yourself so much stress! 

They know how to ask for help – we often try to do everything on our own but often, doing everything by ourselves is just not possible. Remember that it’s okay to ask for help. It’s okay to delegate the task. 

They practice self-care – they understand how important self-care is to their well-being and overall health. 

They accept the things that they cannot control and choose to focus all their energy on the things that they can. 

They meditate – meditation has been life-changing for me. Yes, I was also skeptical at first but after trying it for a whole month, the result has been life-changing. It allowed me to better control my emotions and not let worry or negative thoughts take over. So, try this. Do it for 15-20 minutes every day for a week and the results will definitely surprise you! You can do silent meditation or you can also find a lot of guided meditations online. 

They are grateful – they understand the importance of focusing on the good things that they have instead of the things that they lack. They practice daily gratitude. 

They make their mental health a priority – I understand that when we are going through difficult times, it’s so difficult to check-in with our mental health and prioritize it but if we want to live a healthier and happier life, we need to understand that our mental health is a priority. 

They believe that failures and mistakes are avenues for learning – instead of beating themselves up for their shortcomings and fixating on every small mistake, they accept it, forgive themselves for it and learn from it. They know that failing and making mistakes is not a bad thing. 

They know how to say no and they know how to take a break – they understand that it’s okay to say no. You don’t have to force yourself to do something if it will only cause you so much stress. They know how important it is to make time for themselves. 

They vent out and talk about what they feel – I used to keep all my feelings bottled up, but doing this did not do me any good. Keeping your problems to yourself and not talking about them will only cause you stress and will only harm your mental health.  People who are never stressed knows that it’s important to let their feelings out. You can either talk to someone you’re comfortable with or you can even write it down. 

Start by building these habits one by one to help you live a stress-free life!